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NUCAR  WHOLESALE   PARTS   DISTRIBUTORS  has  been in  the wholesale  auto  parts business supplying the  areas service professionals for more than  2 decades.  We  have grown  to  be the regions number one distributor. NUCAR WHOLESALE PARTS   DISTRIBUTORS   is   a separate  department  of  NUCAR CONNECTION that is  100% committed to servicing the independent automotive  industry with various OEM parts. Our success begins with building   solid business relationships with each and every customer. Our professional sales and  support  staff  undergoes  constant  training to  ensure  they are  knowledgeable  about  every  part   we sell.  This allows us to maintain the right inventory and  being  competitive in  the market  while delivering  a  return  on  our  companies  investment.    NUCAR  WHOLESALE  PARTS DISTRIBUTORS  is  synonymous with reliability,  fairness  and  experience.  We believe that once you work with us  and  get to know us, we will form a truly beneficial relationship. So come and get to  know us better!






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